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The name says it all; Oldschool Hotel is located in a former secondary school in the heart of Winterswijk. In addition to serving as a hotel, the old school also accommodates 30 residential flats. Joining the permanent residents of the building offers you a unique opportunity to relive your school days! 

Brush up on your knowledge by spending the night in 1 of our classrooms; Biology, Geography, History, Music, Drama, Math or Science. Can’t decide? Opt for The Dean to guide your way. Guest seeking a scholarly atmosphere will appreciate The Library, while those seeking relaxation can indulge in the wellness facilities offered by The Professor. For a truly adventurous stay, consider The Principal, though is it really such a punishment? 

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"Beautiful room, lovely bed and a fantastic bath!"

My husband and I stayed overnight at The Principal. Our expectations were surpassed! The beautiful spacious room has the stateliness you would expect from a headmaster's room. The bathtub is truly fantastic! We had pre-ordered a bottle of champagne and a wonderfully scented bath oil. We spent the entire evening in the tub, watching Netflix on the large TV! We were glad we had booked a lazy Sunday, as the bed was delightful, allowing us to extend our relaxation. We will certainly return to this hotel, as we are now very curious about the other rooms!
Marieke Lieverdink
guest The Principal


The stately front building, dating back to 1870, has been restored to its former glory. At the top of the façade, the inscription “Rijks Hoogere Burgerschool” still remains, a testament to the building’s previous function as a municipal monument. This is why we are proud to be listed on the National Monument Portal:


Escape the daily hustle and bustle by staying at our hotel!

Just the two of you, enjoying some quality time together. Come relax in one of our luxurious rooms with indulgent baths, perhaps even a sauna, and soak in the charming atmosphere.

How it all began

Resident and former pupil of the school, Jeroen Schreurs, along with his two companions, Arthur and Hans van Santen, purchased the old high school from the municipality of Winterswijk in 2017. Thus began the great adventure of transforming the old, empty school into a vibrant building.
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The breakfast is available in buffet style every day in ‘the Gym,’ the former gymnasium. Currently, this space is solely used for breakfast but will eventually also serve as a lounge bar.

Please inform us of any special dietary requirements in advance.

Breakfast is served between 8:00 AM and 10:45 AM (upon request from 7:30 AM).


The hotel is within walking distance of the city center, offering a diverse range of dining options. Additionally there are also charming restaurants in the nearby area. 

Prefer to dine in your own room? This is, of course, possible. Easily order via Thuisbezorgd or Winterswijk-eet

In the lobby there is a beverage vending machine with a wide selection of (soft) drinks. Additionally there is a display cabinet with glasses, tableware and cutlery. Make yourself at home! 

Below are our favorites for dining out and/or ordening in. 

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  1. sleep well 

Come stay at this unique location. The classrooms are fully equipped with all the comforts; a comfortable bed, a luxurious rain shower, a Smart TV, and more surprising elements in these spacious accommodations. Each classroom has its own identity, which we will further enhance in the future with fun gadgets, interesting facts, and specially hidden information for the detectives. Curious? Visit our booking site here.

We look forward to welcoming you at Oldschool Hotel!

Team Oldschool Hotel



Oldschool Hotel